contemporary jewellery by Rose Wood

By rose-wood-contemporary-jewellery, Feb 24 2017 04:16PM

Photography by Paul Fenrich (above)
Photography by Paul Fenrich (above)
Photograph by Rose Wood
Photograph by Rose Wood

This lovely pair brought along their friend and wedding photographer, Paul Fenrich to capture them making their wedding rings.


By rose-wood-contemporary-jewellery, Feb 24 2017 02:15PM

This morning I had a lovely surprise pop into my inbox, some gorgeous photos capturing the moment when the rings that had been made here at the little workshop were exchanged. Congratulations Mel & James!

Photos by Owen Mathias

By rose-wood-contemporary-jewellery, Aug 31 2015 09:11AM

It was so touching to receive this lovely feedback from a couple who made the stunning white gold wedding bands shown below for each other earlier this month.

'What an incredible experience! My fiance and I had a lovely time creating each others wedding rings. Rose is an excellent teacher who helped us make a fantastic memory on the approach to our wedding. Would highly recommend to other couples as there is no comparison between this product and those bought from a jewellers. Amazing quality and a true sense of achievement. Thank you Rose!' S+E