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By rose-wood-contemporary-jewellery, May 25 2020 03:02PM

Last November (2019), the workshop moved from Drefach Felindre (where it had first started life), to our new home in Cardigan, Ceredigion. We found a little spot in the corner of the garden where it could just about fit and set about figuring out how all the tables and equipment would sit in the new space.

It was exciting but also quite daunting moving my precious workshop that I had built from scratch all those years ago. I had used my wages from my part time cafe job to pay for the renovations and the struggle to create it had made me extremely fond of the strange old wonky floored garage. I knew that we could make some practical improvements at the new place though which was needed in some areas.

I'm completely in love with the new workshop, which is very peaceful and also tidy and organised so it has definitely proven to be the right move. It's also great to be in a town near the sea where there are cafes, restaurants and other things to do besides make jewellery for anyone coming to a workshop.

On the day of my very last workshop in Drefach Felindre, I came back into the kitchen, and my mum (who was staying at the time) had laid out a mandala for me on the table (picture below). I think I cried! The words are made from letter shaped pasta.

I can't finish this blog post without mentioning the incredible help from my wonderful partner Joost and his lovely family too. They were amazing - helping to problem solve the space issues and literally building workbenches, painting and gardening. I am so so grateful.

Left to right: Old workshop - Mum's mandala - New workshop
Left to right: Old workshop - Mum's mandala - New workshop

By rose-wood-contemporary-jewellery, Nov 7 2017 08:03PM

We had a really special wedding ring making workshop a few weeks ago for Rosie and Matthew who are about to fly off to live in America for the forseeable future!

The wonderful Heather Birnie came along to capture the day too and here are some of the photos she took.

If you would like to have heather take photos as an add on to the wedding ring making package I offer, please ask when enquiring.

By rose-wood-contemporary-jewellery, Feb 24 2017 04:16PM

Photography by Paul Fenrich (above)
Photography by Paul Fenrich (above)
Photograph by Rose Wood
Photograph by Rose Wood

This lovely pair brought along their friend and wedding photographer, Paul Fenrich to capture them making their wedding rings.


By rose-wood-contemporary-jewellery, Feb 24 2017 02:15PM

This morning I had a lovely surprise pop into my inbox, some gorgeous photos capturing the moment when the rings that had been made here at the little workshop were exchanged. Congratulations Mel & James!

Photos by Owen Mathias

By rose-wood-contemporary-jewellery, Oct 20 2015 10:44AM

A couple of weeks ago I spent the afternoon with a lovely couple who wanted to mark their commitment for one another by making a silver ring for each other. They came up with this design where the two rings make a heart when stacked together. They soldered a heart on the inside of each ring and stamped their initials inside the rings - his for her ring, and hers for his ring. The next day a beautiful bunch of roses appeared at my door and I got inspired to create a special workshop for couples who maybe aren't planning a wedding but really want to make a commitment to each other in the form of a ring, or for couples who are already married and want to celebrate a special anniversary. If you would like to do something like this, Please get in touch, we can taylor the workshop to your needs and plan ahead what were going to make if necessary.

By rose-wood-contemporary-jewellery, Aug 31 2015 09:11AM

It was so touching to receive this lovely feedback from a couple who made the stunning white gold wedding bands shown below for each other earlier this month.

'What an incredible experience! My fiance and I had a lovely time creating each others wedding rings. Rose is an excellent teacher who helped us make a fantastic memory on the approach to our wedding. Would highly recommend to other couples as there is no comparison between this product and those bought from a jewellers. Amazing quality and a true sense of achievement. Thank you Rose!' S+E

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Two hammered rose gold rings - Large 9ct - Small 18ct
Two hammered rose gold rings - Large 9ct - Small 18ct

M+T hammered, soldered, filed, sawed and polished throughout the day last Friday to finish their beautiful hammered rose gold rings.

By rose-wood-contemporary-jewellery, Jul 29 2015 05:17PM

Two lovely wedding rings made today, a large yellow gold shiny traditional band and a delicate hammered rose gold ring.